Final Fantasy 13: The Best Weapons For Each Character (2023)

Unlike most of the Final Fantasy games before it, Final Fantasy 13 not only changed a few things in the battle system but also in how weapons are customized. Instead of just having to buy weapons, players were able to upgrade them in a new way. Just because a weapon has higher stats doesn’t mean it’s the best.

With the perks the weapons have in Final Fantasy 13, players are forced to plan out what kind of build they want for each character. It can be a little tricky trying to figure out which weapon to get or what weapon is worth investing in. Some of the materials to upgrade them can be pricey or hard to find, but the end result is worth the time.

Update May 9, 2022, by Sarah Prado: When it comes to weapons in Final Fantasy XIII, the ultimate weapons are only received if players upgrade their weapons and have the materials to do so. It’s all going to depend on the players and what role they want each party member to specialize in. The weapons listed here are the starting forms and are ones that are worth investing time and materials into. It’s best if players pick one or two roles for the characters to focus on and then pick a weapon that will benefit them and the rest of the group in battle.

Lightning/Claire Farron

Final Fantasy 13: The Best Weapons For Each Character (1)

Blazefire Saber

Because Lightning is such a well-balanced fighter, her starting weapon is one of the best for her. The Blazefire Saber has well-balanced stats that would benefit all of her roles. The downside of it is that it doesn’t have any special abilities or passives. If it’s not a problem for players, this weapon is a pretty good one and cheap to upgrade.

Axis Blade

This weapon will keep Lightning’s Strength and Magic even, but its stats are okay at best. However, what makes the Axis Blade great is that it has the Attack: ATB Charge passive which will give Lightning some ATB charge back every time she attacks an enemy. This essentially turns Lightning into a speed demon and pretty much keeps her attacking constantly.


Not to be confused with Final Fantasy 8’s ultimate weapon for Squall Leonhart. Lightning’s Lionheart weapon doesn’t have the best stats compared to her other weapons, but it does have some good special abilities and passives. It has the Gestalt synthesized ability and the Quick Stagger trait. With these two, this weapon is one of the best ones in the game.


The Gladius is perfect for players wanting Lighting’s main role to be Commando. This weapon will increase her Strength to pretty high numbers. The downside of this weapon is that it doesn’t have any special abilities similar to Blazefire Saber. However, it does have Boost synthesis ability which increases the ATB gauge charge even more. It’s a good investment if players don’t mind this, but it can be a little expensive to upgrade.

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Hope Estheim


Hope is probably the strongest mage in the whole team. If players are looking to max out his Magic power, the Hawkeye weapon is the best as it has the highest magic stat. It doesn’t have any special traits, but it does have the Magic Defense synthesized ability. It will decrease any magic damage Hope receives depending on the level the weapon is.


The Otshirvani is decent in stats and raises Hope’s Magic pretty close to Hawkeye, though not quite as high. It does, however, have the Siphon Boost passive ability which will increase the ATB gauge recovery from Siphon abilities. It also has the Boost synthesis ability so it’ll help Hope move a little faster in battle.


This weapon is also a good choice for Hope. He’s one of the best Synergists in the game and this weapon will increase the duration of his defensive buffs. It also increases his Magic power, but not as much as the Hawkeye weapon. If he’s being used as a Synergist more than his other roles, this weapon will be the best choice for him.


The Ninurta is well-balanced in stats, but they’re pretty low compared to Hawkeye or Vidofnir. However, if players are struggling to keep Hope alive against enemies with strong physical attacks, this weapon comes in handy. This has the Physical Defense synthesis ability which will reduce any physical damage Hope takes. Though its stats are okay at best, this weapon is worth having around just in case.

Sazh Katzroy

Final Fantasy 13: The Best Weapons For Each Character (3)
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Spica Defenders

Sazh has some of the best spells as a Synergist, such as Haste. These pistols will increase the duration of offensive buffs. Since most of his spells are offensive, this weapon would greatly benefit him and the party. The downside of this weapon is that it doesn’t increase his stats much.


These don’t offer much in terms of stats for Sazh, but do come with some pretty sweet abilities that are exclusive only to him. The Procyons have the Stagger Maintenance passive ability which increases the time when enemies are Staggered. Despite its okay stats, this weapon is great to have as other party members can easily pick up where Sazh slacks.

Antares Deluxes

These weapons will increase damage and have the Chain Bonus Boost ability. This comes in handy because it will make the Chain Bonus increase a lot faster and pairs up with Sazh’s Haste spell amazingly. It also increases all of his stats and gives him more balance build similar to Lightning and her Blazefire Saber weapon.

Pleiades Hi-Powers

This weapon is a bit of a gamble, because it will greatly reduce Sazh’s HP. To make up for this, it provides a massive increase in Strength which can make Sazh a strong Commando. It does have the Damage Reduction synthesis ability which helps a little, but it’s still a risk. Sazh’s HP is the second-highest in the game, but fans should give him accessories that’ll help balance out the HP loss if they opt for the Pleiades Hi-Powers.

Oerba Yun Fang

Final Fantasy 13: The Best Weapons For Each Character (4)

Dragoon Lance

With Fang being the strongest physical attacker, she needs a weapon that will help her boost her raw strength. The Dragoon Lance increases her physical attack strength to amazing levels and cements her as the main Commando. The downside of this weapon is that it will weaken all of her magic spells, Saboteur abilities included. If players are wanting to make her a very strong physical attacker, this lance is the one for Fang.

Pandoran Spear

This spear is pretty well-balanced, but it does increase Fang’s Magic power a little more. If players are wanting Fang to lean more towards being a Saboteur, but without sacrificing too much physical Strength, the Pandoran Spear is it. It has the Improved Debilitation passive ability which increases the success rate of Debilitation type abilities, which Fang specializes in.

(Video) Final Fantasy XIII​: Weapon Upgrading made easy!

Taming Pole

If Fang is being used as both a Commando and a Saboteur, the Taming Pole would be the best choice. It’s very well-balanced when it comes to increasing Fang’s stats. It has the Random Instant Chain ability, which gives the player a chance to instantly fill the enemy’s Stagger gauge. The only downside of this weapon is that it has the Stagger Lock effect, but this can always be balanced by another character.

Bladed Lance

Like Lightning, Fang’s original weapon is not a bad investment. Its stats are relatively well-balanced but it does lean a little more towards Strength. Her Strength won’t be as high as the Dragoon Lance, but the Bladed Lance is cheaper to upgrade.

Oerba Dia Vanille

Final Fantasy 13: The Best Weapons For Each Character (5)

Belladonna Wand

Vanille is just as strong as Hope when it comes to being a mage, but she is the best Saboteur in the group. If players are wanting to use her Saboteur abilities to their max potential, the Belladonna Wand is the best staff to equip. This staff has the Improved Debuffing passive ability which increases the success rate of debuff abilities. Since she’s the only one in the group that can cast Death spell, this staff would benefit her the best.

Pearlwing Staff

For anyone wanting Vanille to have high raw Magic power, the Pearlwing Staff is the one to have. It will greatly reduce her Strength, but her physical attacks are pretty weak to begin with so it’s not a huge loss. This weapon is all about increasing her Magic, so if players are wanting Vanille to focus more on being a Ravager, this staff is worth investing in.

Healer’s Staff

If players are wanting Vanille to focus more on healing, the Healer’s Staff would be best to equip. It has the Improved Cure passive which increases spell recovery amount which means stronger heals. Vanille would be a slightly better choice for a healer since she has higher HP than Hope.

Rod of Thorns

The Rod of Thorns is a little more situational, but some players might find a use for it. Vanille’s Strength and Magic will be the exact same and the stats are okay. However, this weapon has the Magic Defense synthesis ability which will reduce the damage Vanille receives from magic attacks. If players are seeing that Vanille is dying pretty quickly (her HP is pretty low), this weapon could help out a little in keeping her alive.

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Snow Villiers

Final Fantasy 13: The Best Weapons For Each Character (6)


Snow is the most powerful Sentinel in the group and has the highest HP. Umbra will increase his HP even more and make him a very useful tank in battle. This weapon also has the Improved Ward effect, which gives Snow and the party higher defense from area of effect attacks. If players find themselves in a fight with AoEs, having Snow in the party wearing this can help make the battle a little easier.


The Paladin is another great weapon for Snow if players want to have him focus on being a Sentinel for the group. It has the Improved Guard passive ability which helps him when he uses Guard abilities since it’ll reduce damage. This is a great one to have until players get Umbra, but it’s not a bad weapon overall.

Power Circle

If players are wanting to use Snow more as a Commando than in his other two roles, the Power Circle is a great weapon for him. Maxing out this weapon will increase his strength to match Fang’s strength. This weapon also reduces physical damage that Snow takes in battle. It can also be found early in the game which will make Snow pretty powerful early on compared to other party members.


Despite being more of a Sentinel and Commando, Snow is actually a pretty good Ravager. The Feymark will greatly reduce his Strength, but greatly increase his Magic power. However, it also has the Ultimate Magic synthesis ability, which makes him immune to magic attacks, though this comes at the cost of only being healed by Eidolons or items. If players don’t mind this, it’s a pretty good weapon to have around.

Final Fantasy 13 was released on December 17, 2009, and is available on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Android, and iOS.

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Final Fantasy 13: The Best Weapons For Each Character? ›

Final Fantasy 13: Best Weapons For Each Character
  • 6 Lightning/Claire Farron. Blazefire Saber. ...
  • 5 Hope Estheim. Hawkeye. ...
  • 4 Sazh Katzroy. Spica Defenders. ...
  • 3 Oerba Yun Fang. Dragoon Lance. ...
  • 2 Oerba Dia Vanille. Belladonna Wand. ...
  • 1 Snow Villiers. Umbra.
May 6, 2022

Does ff13 have ultimate weapons? ›

Update May 9, 2022, by Sarah Prado: When it comes to weapons in Final Fantasy XIII, the ultimate weapons are only received if players upgrade their weapons and have the materials to do so. It's all going to depend on the players and what role they want each party member to specialize in.

Where do I get Lionheart in ff13? ›

Final Fantasy XIII

The Lionheart is a model of gunblade obtainable by Lightning at the beginning of Chapter 12. It can also be bought at Plautus's Workshop for 28,000 gil.

What is the strongest weapon in Final Fantasy? ›

Final Fantasy: The 10 Strongest Weapons In The Series, According To Lore
  • 8 Caladbolg. ...
  • 7 Muramasa. ...
  • 6 Lightbringer. ...
  • 5 Masamune. ...
  • 4 Zantetsuken. ...
  • 3 Ragnarok. ...
  • 2 Excalibur. ...
  • 1 Ultima Weapon. The Ultima Weapon first appeared in Final Fantasy VI and has featured in most of the games that have followed it.
Jan 28, 2021

What is the best weapon for Fang? ›

The only spear stronger than it is the Dragoon Lance, but that totally negates Fang's magic stat, ergo, Taming Pole is the best choice for Fang during both storyline and post-storyline gameplay.
Fang: Kain's Lance.
Dragoon Lance
Max Strength/MagicPassive AbilityLocation
962/0Fettered MagicBuy from Gilgamesh Inc.

What is stagger lock ff13? ›

Stagger Lock is a weapon auto-ability, which prevents the wielder from staggering an enemy. The character can still raise the chain bonus up to the stagger limit, but can't bring the opponent past the stagger threshold, meaning the other allies in the party will have to do it.

Where can I get dark matter ff13? ›

Final Fantasy XIII

Dark Matter is a catalyst used in upgrading equipment, costing 840,000 gil to purchase in R&D Depot. It is also drops from the Shaolong Gui that spawn on Gran Pulse after completing Missions 56–62.

Where is Dragoon Lance ff13? ›

Dragoon Lance is a mid-powered weapon for Cid found in Wutai's Da Chao mountain cave, and bought in Junon for 6,200 gil (disc 2/3). It has eight single Materia slots, provides normal AP growth, and provides 66 Attack, 100 Hit Rate, and +7 Magic.

How do you upgrade the gospel on Venus? ›

Venus Gospel can be upgraded to Kain's Lance with a Trapezohedron.

How many dragon fangs are there in Lionheart? ›

Once you complete this step, you won't have to worry about level restrictions, so once you get your four Dragon Fangs, you can level Ifrit to 10 and begin learning the 'Ammo-RF' ability which requires 30 AP to complete. Once you learn Ammo-RF, refine your 2 Energy Crystals into 12 Pulse Ammo.

How many hits does Lionheart do? ›

Lion Heart strikes a single opponent seventeen times. After Zell's Duel, it is the strongest Limit Break; during optimal conditions, a total of 249,975 points of damage is possible in one attack round. Lion Heart can easily do 9999 damage per hit even with average strength and no Vit 0.

What is griever ff8? ›

Griever is a boss in Final Fantasy VIII battled in one of the phases of the final battle. It is summoned by Ultimecia as her Guardian Force. Griever is called whatever the player named Squall's ring when he described it to Rinoa during the Battle of the Gardens, to reflect that it is part of Squall's mind.

What is the ultimate weapon? ›

Ultima Weapon (アルテマウェポン, Arutema Wepon?, lit. Artema Weapon), also known as Atma Weapon or Ultimate Weapon, is a recurring superboss in the Final Fantasy series. It is a six-limbed bio-mechanical monster that first appeared in Final Fantasy VI as an ancient war machine created during the War of the Magi.

What is the best sword in Final Fantasy? ›

Masamune is hands-down the best weapon in FF1. It's unique in that it's not just a hugely powerful sword, but it can be used by any character, regardless of class. That means you can even turn a White Mage healer into a powerful physical attacker. The Masamune is found as loot, but only in the game's final dungeon.

How do you get Excalibur in Final Fantasy 1? ›

It is obtained by trading a Rat Tail, found in the Feymarch for some Adamantite in the Adamant Isle Grotto. The player must give the Adamantite and the Mythgraven Blade (also called Sword of Legend) to Kokkol at his forge in the Underworld, and he will finish making the Excalibur once the Lunar Whale has been acquired.

How do you get Kain's Lance? ›

Kain's Lance can be equipped by the Dragoon or Templar classes. It has an Attack power of 47 and teaches the Lifebreak skill to Templars. It is obtained by completing the mission Magewyrm.

Where can I get a taming pole? ›

It can be bought from Gilgamesh, Inc. for 27,000 gil and found in Oerba. A fully leveled Taming Pole dismantles into 13 Begrimed Claws and a Cobaltite.

Where is Fang taming pole? ›

Final Fantasy 13 TAMING POLE Location (Fangs Best Weapon)

How do you stagger lightning returns? ›

For example, hitting an opponent with a susceptibility to the Fire element with Fire-infused spells and attacks will usually lead to a quick stagger. As you get closer to staggering your enemy, the wave will turn from blue to yellow and then to red. Keep hitting the foe until it is staggered.

How do you beat Shaolong GUI? ›

The Shaolong Gui can be defeated relatively easily by exploiting its vulnerability to Daze. The player can use a party of Fang, Lightning, and Hope, with Fang as the leader. The paradigm sets should be SEN/SEN/SEN, SYN/SYN/SYN, MED/MED/MED, SAB/SAB/SAB, RAV/RAV/RAV, and SAB/COM/COM.

How do you get a magical fingertip? ›

To make the Magical Fingertip appear in the auction, the player needs to have bought Une's Mirror, Doga's Artifact, Griffin's Heart and the Rat Tail and sell them in the town to the nobleman and adventurer that walk around the Bishop's House and to the scholar in the synthesis shop.

Where is long GUI in ff13? ›

The Long Gui is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2 found on the Archylte Steppe during sunny weather.

What is the best way to upgrade weapons in ff13? ›

Final Fantasy XIII​: Weapon Upgrading made easy! - YouTube

How do you get Dragoon Lance FFXV? ›

Dragoon Lance can be obtained as a reward for completing the Dreadful Legend quest. It can also be found as a collectable at the treasure spot south of Aracheole Stronghold and northwest of the Cauthess Coernix Station during Chapter 15. It can be sold to shops for 6,000 gil.

Where is Dragoon Lance Nier automata? ›

Location. Found in a crate in the Shadowlord's Castle, just before Goose chases Nier up a staircase.

How much does dragon fang boost? ›

Boosts the power of the holder's Dragon-type moves by 20%.

How do I get dragon fangs? ›

  1. The Dragon Fang is an extremely elusive item, since only two exist normally. ...
  2. Dragon Fang is used for refining. ...
  3. Dragon Fang is dropped by Lesser Lopros. ...
  4. Dragon Fang is a crafting material, found in Conall Curach after beating the boss with a score of 241 or greater.

Where are the Blue Dragons in ff8? ›

The Blue Dragon is an enemy in Final Fantasy VIII. It is a valuable enemy to fight for items needed for weapon remodeling. After the player has access to the mobile Balamb Garden, they can find Blue Dragons in Trabia's Bika Snowfield forest area next to the Chocobo Forest, across from Trabia Garden.

How many hits is Renzokuken? ›

Renzokuken is an HP attack for Squall. It consists of a 3-hit melee attack and an HP attack. The BRV attack gains 3 extra hits when BRV drops below 250% initial BRV.

How do I get overpowered in ff8? ›

Get overpowered early in FINAL FANTASY 8 REMASTERED with ...

Where can I find adamantine ff8? ›

Adamantoise is an enemy in Final Fantasy VIII. The rare giant turtle lives on beaches around Dollet and on Long Horn Island, but can also be found in Ultimecia Castle on the fountain square.

Is Ultimecia future Rinoa? ›

Based on this conversation, one theory suggests that the evil Sorceress Ultimecia is actually a future version of Rinoa, driven mad by grief after Squall's death, who intends to compress time as a way of regaining her beloved.

Is Ultimecia a Rinoa? ›

Rinoa eventually became evil and transformed into Ultimecia because she disregarded the lesson her lover Squall learned: Do not live in the past, it will only bring about more suffering.

Do Grievers eat Gladers? ›

Appearances. A Griever is a creature that lives in the Maze and comes out mainly after dark (this is not always the case, they have sometimes been known to come out in the daytime). Its purpose is to harass and even kill the Gladers who venture into the Maze.

What is Cloud's ultimate weapon? ›

Ultima Weapon is Cloud's ultimate weapon in Final Fantasy VII. It is obtained by defeating the optional boss Ultimate Weapon. The weapon has very high stats, eight linked Materia slots, and a mechanic that causes it to deal more damage based on Cloud's current HP.

What is Omega Weapon? ›

The Omega Weapon is a superboss in Final Fantasy VIII. Generally regarded as the game's toughest boss, it is hidden within Ultimecia Castle. Omega Weapon is a recolor of the Ultima Weapon but carries no sword. At level 100, Omega Weapon has over a million HP.

Is Ultima Weapon a primal? ›

The Ultima Weapon is a biotechnological, anti-primal war machine created by the Allagan civilization ages ago that was placed in stasis deep beneath what would later become Ala Mhigo.

Where did cloud get his sword? ›

In the Final Fantasy 7 universe, he receives the weapon from Zack Fair, who urges Cloud to take it and become his "living legacy." Zack used the blade pretty frequently, often swinging it to hit with the blunt edge whereas Cloud uses the sharp side. However, even Zack wasn't the first owner of the Buster Sword.

Where did Sephiroth get his sword? ›

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Sephiroth manifests the Masamune into his hand upon his transformation from Kadaj.

What is the most powerful fictional object? ›

Powerful Objects From Science Fiction
  • The Lightsaber. The lightsabers from Star Wars are easily the most iconic weapon in all of sci-fi. ...
  • Arc Reactor. ...
  • Mjolnir. ...
  • Warp Drive. ...
  • The Death Star Superlaser. ...
  • The Little Doctor. ...
  • Trilithium Warhead. ...
  • The Tesseract.

What is the max level in Final Fantasy 1? ›

The maximum level is 50. In Final Fantasy Origins and later versions, the level cap is 99. The amount of experience required to level up is also capped, at 29,000.

Who is Gilgamesh in Final Fantasy? ›

Gilgamesh is a pseudo-Guardian Force obtainable if the party acquired Odin before entering the Lunatic Pandora and fighting the boss at the top of it. Odin will be replaced by Gilgamesh, who will appear at random during battles to attack enemies with one of four random swords.

How do you unlock the Dark Knight in FFT? ›

How do you unlock the Dark Knight class in Final Fantasy Tactics? Dark Knight requires mastered Knight, mastered Black Mage, level 8 Dragoon, level 8 Geomancer, level 8 Ninja, level 8 Samurai and 20 kills to unlock.

How do you level up weapons in Final Fantasy 13? ›

In general, the cheapest way to upgrade an item is by adding a 3x EXP Bonus first, and then use the required Inorganic Materials to take an item to its max level all in one go. Sometimes the items require so little EXP that instead of investing in a 3x EXP Bonus it will be cheaper to invest in a smaller bonus.

Where is Fang taming pole? ›

Final Fantasy 13 TAMING POLE Location (Fangs Best Weapon)

Where is Dragoon Lance ff13? ›

Dragoon Lance is a mid-powered weapon for Cid found in Wutai's Da Chao mountain cave, and bought in Junon for 6,200 gil (disc 2/3). It has eight single Materia slots, provides normal AP growth, and provides 66 Attack, 100 Hit Rate, and +7 Magic.

How do you upgrade Blazefire saber? ›

Blazefire Saber is a a first tier weapon available for Lightning. It is her initially equipped weapon and can also be obtained from the Retail Network Up In Arms for 2,000 gil. It can be upgraded to the Flamberge by using the Perovskite item, and provides physical defense as its chain ability.

What is the best way to upgrade weapons in ff13? ›

Final Fantasy XIII​: Weapon Upgrading made easy! - YouTube

How do you beat Odin in Final Fantasy XIII? ›

Final Fantasy XIII Video Walkthrough: Odin Eidolon (Chapter 4) - YouTube

Where can I get dark matter ff13? ›

Final Fantasy XIII

Dark Matter is a catalyst used in upgrading equipment, costing 840,000 gil to purchase in R&D Depot. It is also drops from the Shaolong Gui that spawn on Gran Pulse after completing Missions 56–62.


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