{my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn - Blackburn (2023)

  • {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn - Blackburn (1)

    Dr.Aaishah Zabir PatelQualified from: DDS UAE, 2015GDC No: 263125

    Aaishah graduated as a dentist in 2015 from Ajman University, UAE. Aaishah officially joined us at {my}dentist in February 2019. Aaishah offers a mix of both NHS and private dentistry to her patients and is keen to further her skills which has in turn led to her starting a Post Graduate Diploma in Prosthodontics with Tipton in March 2022. In her spare time Aaishah has an interest in painting, baking, calligraphy and horse riding! Aaishah states: “I'm not good at any of these activities, I just enjoy them” but we think she is just being modest! We have sampled her baking and it is delicious.

  • {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn - Blackburn (2)

    Dr.Ali JavaidQualified from: Leeds United Kingdom, 2010GDC No: 202640

    Ali qualified at Leeds University 2010 with BDS. Ali has been an associate dentist here at Blackburn since July 2014. Ali offer NHS and private treatment including the affordable private scheme called {my}options. He covers a wide range of private treatment options including white fillings, crown/veneers, tooth whitening and flexible dentures. He also attends regular CPD courses and training programmes to keep his training up to date. Ali has also completed the Denture Excellence course and offers this to his patients. He enjoys building a good relationship with patients and motivates them in following good oral hygiene. Ali enjoys hiking, fishing and spending time with the family in his spare time.

  • {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn - Blackburn (3)

    Dr.Aniela Panoschi Qualified from: DMD Romania, 2004GDC No: 207511

    Aniela studied at Ovidius Dental University, Constanta, Romania and graduated in 2004. Once Aniela graduated, she started work in an emergency and private hospital in Romania. In 2012 Aniela joined us when we were IDH and has been part of the journey as we have evolved to {my}dentist, working for the company ever since. Aniela does both NHS and private treatment: Denture of excellence, Whitening and cosmetic fillings.Aniela is well loved by her patients and always takes the time to talk to them and listen to their needs.In her spare time, Aniela loves spending time with her daughter and husband, reading and going on walks when weather allows it!

  • {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn - Blackburn (4)

    Dr.Anis DashuQualified from: Glasg United Kingdom, 2011GDC No: 209982

    Anis Dashu gained his Bachelor of dental surgery degree in 2011 after attending university in Glasgow. He joined the team at {my}dentist Burnley in August 2012. Although Burnley is his main practice, he also works at our Blackburn {my}dentist practice.Anis has built up a solid patient base in Burnley and offers his patients choice on both NHS and private products and services. Anis offers Sedation services on a private only basis at {my}dentist Burnley.Anis continues his professional development by attending courses and has recently gained his qualification in Sedation surgery as of February 2020. Anis is a keen Manchester United supporter and where possible attends the football matches in his spare time.

  • {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn - Blackburn (5)

    Dr.Dimitra MarkopoulouQualified from: DipDS Athens 2015 Greece, 2015GDC No: 262712

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    Dimitra graduated as a Dentist in 2015 in Athens, Greece. She has successfully completed two dental degrees so far, Dental Technology in 2010 and Dentistry in 2015. Dimitra has worked in many dental environments across the UK. Her calm and gentle nature makes her a popular dentist with both adults and children alike. Dimitra is currently undertaking a postgraduate master's degree (MSc) in Orthodontics at the University of Warwick. Dimitra is an Invisalign Go and Clear Correct provider. She also provides conventional fixed braces to children and adults and she is committed to continue her knowledge and key skills in the field of Orthodontics. In her spare time Dimitra enjoys spending time with her family and exploring the Lancashire countryside.

  • {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn - Blackburn (6)

    Dr.Edward AbramianQualified from: Münster Germany, 2004GDC No: 102368

    Edward started at the practice in 2006. He has a friendly, welcoming, natural manner towards his patients. Edward graduated in Germany 2003, he worked in Germany for 3 years before re-locating to the UK which is when he joined our practice. Edward provides high quality dentistry and holds an endodontic post graduate certificate from Chester University. He has also completed a restorative training course. Edward is a member of the British Dental Association. He provides both NHS and Private treatment along with Denture Excellence Dentures and a full variety of treatments. Edward enjoys gardening, cycling and travelling.

  • {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn - Blackburn (7)

    Dr.Faisal JavedQualified from: DDM Varna 2018 Bulgaria, 2018GDC No: 281417

    Faisal graduated in 2018 in Varna, Bulgaria at the Medical University of Varna. Faisal then joined [{my}dentist, Blackburn in March 2019 providing high quality dentistry under our affordable private scheme called {my}options. As part of this scheme Faisal offers a wide range of cosmetic treatments which includes Invisalign, teeth whitening, private dentures or crowns, white fillings and many more. Faisal has a friendly open approach to his patients and is very flexible to suit his patient needs regarding appointments available and offering optimal treatments. He likes to socialise with his friends, play competitive sports and keep active in his spare time.

  • {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn - Blackburn (8)

    Dr.Haleema YakubQualified from: Leeds United Kingdom, 2008GDC No: 153620

    Haleema qualified from the University of Leeds in 2008 as a Bachelor of dental Surgery. Since qualifying she undertook general professional training working in General Practice and continued to advance her skills culminating in the award of Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties of the Royal College of Surgeons in 2013. Haleema is a Dentist with a Special Interest in Endodontics (Root canal fillings). This is a specialist area in dentistry that involves removing, cleaning, filling and sealing the infected root canal that was once healthy in order to retain the tooth in the mouth that may have otherwise been removed and replaced. She is a long-standing senior member of the team who is very passionate about the care of her patients and strongly believes that there is no replacement for your own teeth and tries to preserve them at all costs.

  • {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn - Blackburn (9)

    Dr.Hassan Maan(Dental Implant Surgeon)Qualified from: BChD United Kingdom, 2008GDC No: 155882

    Hassan qualified from Leeds in 2008. Hassan is a recent addition to our practice, and we are grateful to have him board as he brings experience and a high level of skill to our team. Hassan wanted to expand his dentistry, so he attended the Royal College Implant diploma course, gained a diploma in fixed and removable prosthodontics from Kings College and has done further studies in full arch Implant dentistry, sedation and occlusion. Hassan’s passion in dentistry lies with Implants and he is always looking to further his skills and knowledge in this area.In practice Hassan offers Implants, same day teeth, full mouth rehabs and smile designs.Outside of dentistry Hassan likes cooking , football, movies, travelling and spending time with his family.

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  • {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn - Blackburn (10)

    Dr.Ranya MansourQualified from: TBC Jordan, 1992GDC No: 183336

    Ranya Mansour studied Dentistry at Jordans University and qualified there in 1992. Ranya then opened her own Private dental practice in Jordans. Ranya then went on to study Paediatric Dentistry at the Queens University in Belfast between 1999-2001 which she really enjoyed doing. In 2010 Ranya Joined Westcliffe Drive {my}dentist and worked there for 8 years. In August 2018 she joined our Fleetwood practice where she offers a wide range of NHS and Private treatment. Ranya is a great asset to our team at Fleetwood. When she isn't working, Ranya loves traveling, reading, going on holidays and spending time with her family.

  • {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn - Blackburn (11)

    Dr.Shabana Shah Qualified from: BDS Lpool 2009 United Kingdom, 2009GDC No: 177715

    Shabana joined the team at {my}dentist, Blackburn in June 2018. She graduated in Liverpool in 2009 and went on to complete an MJDS in 2011. Prior to Shabana joining the practice she worked in the Yorkshire area for several years before relocating into the Lancashire area. Shabana has a very calm and easing approach with her patients and offers her patients choice on both NHS and Private products and services. Shabana is always happy to help others and continues her professional development by attending regular courses.Shabana likes to read and socialise in her spare time.

  • {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn - Blackburn (12)

    dr.Shammi Rouf(Dental Implant Surgeon)Qualified from: BDS MFDS RCSEng PGDip England, 2005GDC No: 85643

    Dr. Shammi Rouf graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2005. After completing Vocational Training, she spent a year as a Senior House Officer in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, gaining experience in oral surgery and managing complex medical conditions.Shammi passed examinations to become a Member of the Faculty of Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and was awarded a prize by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh for the best poster presentation at a regional Junior’s Paper’s day. This featured in an article in the BDJ. Shammi is a certified Invisalign provider since 2008.Having a keen interest in teaching fellow junior dentists, she worked as an Educational Supervisor training overseas dental graduates.Since 2018, Shammi has been placing and restoring dental implants. She is a member of the International Team for Implantology. She is in the final year of her Master of Science degree in Dental Implantology at the University of Salford and prestigious ICE institute. When not working or studying, Shammi is busy raising her children. Also, she loves to travel, go on long hikes, indulge her passion for reading books of all genres and drink copious quantities of coffee.

  • {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn - Blackburn (13)

    Dr.Stamatios KioufisQualified from: University of Athens Greece, 2007GDC No: 207305

    Dr Kioufis’ journey started in 2007 when qualified from the Dental School of University of Athens. After mandatory service as a military dentist in the military hospital in Chios he started working as an associate in several practices in Athens. In the first years of his career he realised that a lot of the population suffered from periodontal problems and that lead him to a practice dedicated to diagnosing and managing periodontal disease. After relocating in the UK in 2011 he decided to update his knowledge further and increase his skills for difficult cases that needs more sophisticated approach. Completion of this journey in 2017 resulted in obtaining a Diplomate status in clinical periodontics from the University of Central Lancashire. His goal is to manage patient’s periodontal problems pain free providing minimal invasive procedures. The next step in his career is further training in Implant Dentistry and how to manage complications around Implants and soft tissue defects. He is an Associate Fellow of the prestigious College of General Dentistry and an active member of the European Federation of Periodontics. He spends his free time with his family and is a keen table tennis player.

  • {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn - Blackburn (14)

    Dr.Wasimah PatelQualified from: BDS University of Birmingham UK, 2019GDC No: 284764

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    Wasimah graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2019 and completed her foundation training in Chorley. She joined {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn in January 2022. Wasimah carries out NHS and private treatments, with special interests in cosmetic work and composite fillings. She recently undertook a course on clear aligners and hopes to venture into this further in due course. Patients feel as ease with Wasimah and feel as though they are calm and comforted. In her spare time, Wasimah likes to read and spend time with family. She is also keen on swimming and outdoor sports such as archery and hiking.

  • {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn - Blackburn (15)

    Dr.Yasar MansourQualified from: BDS,Stat Exam Jordan, 1992GDC No: 109171

    Yasar Mansour studied dentistry at Jordan University and qualified in 1992, and worked in private practice. He moved to the UK, and later gained a PhD from Queen’s University Belfast in 2001, which focused on materials used for all ceramic crowns. He also obtained the Diploma of Membership from the Royal College of Surgeons, England (MFDS RCS). Yasar has worked in Restorative Dentistry at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast, at Liverpool University Dental Hospital, and the Dental Hospital in Irbid, Jordan. Yasar also has extensive University experience, as he has worked at JUST in Jordan (6 years) and at UCLan in Preston (5 years). Yasar joined {my}dentist Garstang in 2013. He particularly enjoys clinical work involving restorative and cosmetic dentistry such as composite bonding, veneers, crowns, bridges, dentures, and non- surgical facial aesthetics. Some of his clinical cases can be viewed on his Instagram account (#yasarmansourdentist). Outside work, Yasar enjoys travelling and football.

  • {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn - Blackburn (16)

    Miss.Hikabanu Nazir ShaikhQualified from: Registered under section 15 (1) (c) of the dentists act 1984 India, 2018GDC No: 295546

    Hikabanu otherwise known as ‘Hika’ qualified from India in 2018 from VDC. Her aim is to develop and progress her career in dentistry and further more specifically with endodontic treatments. Hika has only recently joined {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn in August 2022. Hika is very friendly and always has the patients best interest at heart. She aims to strive to be successful and try’s to meet all of her patient needs. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, seeing friends and cooking. Even though cooking isn’t her biggest strength she does it for her own enjoyment purposes partially during her leisure time.

  • {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn - Blackburn (17)

    Mr.Andrew Berry(Treatment co-ordinator)Qualified from: NVQ Level 3 Dental Nursing vrq Level 3 dental nurse city and guilds UK, 2011GDC No: 219367

    Andrew has worked at {my}dentist for over 12 years starting in 2008 as a trainee dental nurse with the training 2000 group. Andrew qualified as a dental nurse registering with the GDC in 2011. He has further developed his skills now qualifying in impression taking, implant training and currently on going with his radiography training. Andrew has now taken on the role of treatment co-ordinator here in Blackburn at Railway Road. He is very warm, welcoming and has patient journey at the heart of everything he does. Andrew enjoys mountaineering, cycling, surfing and reading in his spare time along with spending time with his family, especially his wife and young daughter.

  • {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn - Blackburn (18)

    Mr.Mohammad Fahhr HussainQualified from: BDS england, 2016GDC No: 264491

    Mohammad Fahhr qualified as a dentist from Manchester in 2016 and joined our team at the beginning of 2022. Treatment under Mohammad is highly focused around your needs. Visiting the Dentist is often associated with fear and anxiety particularly when you have no idea what is really going on with your Oral Hygiene. After many years in the field of Dentistry, he aimed to eradicate this stigma with Dentists, and decided to become a Dentist that provides treatment with your confidence in the precision of his hands. Mohammad's approach to your teeth is very much from a holistic approach where he covers the common dental treatment of decay, composites, root canals to more complex procedures.Mohammad likes to spend time with his young family in his spare time.

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  • {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn - Blackburn (19)

    Mr.Osama KhalidQualified from: Dentist Romania, 2018GDC No: 281187

    Osama Graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Gr.T.Popa, Iasi, Romania in 2018. He then joined {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn in June 2022. Osama carries out both NHS and private general dentistry alongside having a passion for cosmetic fillings, teeth whitening and teeth straightening using the Invisalign system. Osama absolutely loves his duties and being a dentist and is well respected by patients and the practice team. He also enjoys going to the gym, playing different sports and relaxing with friends and family. Patients often praise Osama for his gentle approach during treatment and express how comfortable they feel when attending their dental appointments.

  • {my}dentist, Railway Road, Blackburn - Blackburn (20)

    Mr.Shravan Darji(Hygienist)Qualified from: Dental Hygienist United Kingdom, 2020GDC No: 291235

    Shravan graduated from the University of Manchester in 2020 as a Dental Hygienist and Dental Therapist. Shravan has previously practised in mostly NHS dental practices however Shravan joined our team here in {my}dentist Railway Road Blackburn in December 2021. Shravan receives incoming referrals from dentists and can be seen directly for private hygiene also. He aims to provide quality treatment and is kind and caring to his patients and practice team. Shravan is extremely warm, welcoming and approaching and many patients express their calmness towards him.In his spare time, Shravan likes to go on walks and spend time with his family and friends.

  • Dr.Plamen Murzov Qualified from: Sofia Bulgaria, 2007GDC No: 169468

    Plamen qualified in Sofia in Bulgaria in 2007. After working for a few years in Bulgaria in his own family run dental practice. He came to the UK and started with {my}dentist in March 2009 working within the NHS.Plamen enjoys developing his skills and has attended a variety of courses covering all topics from general dentistry, Zoom Whitening, Denture Excellence Dentures and Orthodontics. Whilst developing his skills Plamen’s interest in the different Orthodontic treatment’s grew, leading him to decide to do the Quick straight teeth course, Invisalign and Clear Correct.Plamen works in a variety of {my}dentist practices as a private, Denplan and NHS dentist.

  • Dr.Monika Paresh PatelQualified from: BChD England, 2018GDC No: 277651

    Monika graduated from the University of Leeds in 2018 and joined our Blackburn Railway Road practice soon after in 2019. She currently offers NHS dental treatments in addition to a wide range of private options including ClearCorrect teeth straightening, dentures, crowns and teeth whitening – including Enlighten. Monika is continuously developing her skills and knowledge to ensure that she can offer a variety of treatment options, the latest techniques and procedures to suit her patients’ needs. Throughout each patient's care, she prides herself in setting a calm environment and reassuring atmosphere during her appointments. In her time spare Monika enjoys visiting other countries and experiencing other cultures.

  • Dr.Rebecca Ann KeeQualified from: Dentist UK, 2015GDC No: 258773

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  • Dental professionals must be registered with the GDC and meet high standards. Find us on the register: www.gdc-uk.org


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