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The lightweight and affordable Yard Machines snowblower 21 inch model is an idea fit for areas with light to moderate snowfall.

Do your hands ache in winter when you have to shovel the snow manually? Maybe it’s time for you to invest in an efficient snowblower. Once you buy one, you will no longer groan at the thought of snow falling. One model worth exploring is the Yard Machines snowblower 21 inch.

Overview of the Yard Machines Snowblower 21 inch Model

For many years now, homeowners have turned to outdoor tools by Yard Machines to keep their driveways, yards, and lawns trimmed and clean. The company is known to manufacture efficient blowers that keep the snow out of your porch, driveway, and sidewalk.

The Yard Machines snowblower 21 inch we are reviewing is a single-stage model, making it an ideal option for most homeowners who don’t often have to deal with exceptionally deep snow and are looking for an affordable machine to help out.


  • Can handle both dry and wet snow easily
  • Lightweight
  • Fuel efficient
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t come with an electric start feature
  • No headlight
  • Requires both oil and gas

Features & Benefits

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The Yard Machines 123cc OHV single stage snow blower is a simple unit that will save you from all the backache that comes with manually shoveling the snow. Moreover, storing this is easy. So, by purchasing this unit, you can get done with snow removal a lot faster.

Some features that come with this snowblower include the following:

  • Compact Size

Most often, you’ll see snowblowers that are almost as big as half your car. Therefore, when you see a small snow blower like this 123cc 21-inch model by Yard Machines, you are compelled to think that a bigger blower might just be a better option to get done with the task quickly.

However, the Yard Machines snowblower 21 inch is an ideal gas snow thrower that can easily and quickly clear your driveway or plow the walking path. While it is small enough to clean off your patio, it can also handle the aftermath of an average snowfall in your driveway.

So, the size of this snow thrower makes it perfect for small driveways as it can handle light and fluffier snow. If you are usually faced with snowfalls of ten inches or less, then you can’t go wrong with this option. It can be used for patios, decks, and sidewalks.

  • Easy on the Pocket

When purchasing a snowblower, we are often faced with a dilemma; should we spend more money and get a high-quality option or should we save money and get something that can simply clean out snow?

While this model is not the biggest that Yard Machines has to offer, it does offer the best compromise between sufficient power and affordability. The Yard Machines snowblower 21 inch model is priced right and has sufficient power to get rid of the snow.

  • 4-stroke Engine

Usually, smaller units come with a 2-stroke engine, which requires you to mix gas and oil together which is quite a hassle. Of course, it has its pros, like it doesn’t need oil changes, but you do need to get the mixture right.

With the four-stroke engine, all the hassle is eliminated as there are different openings for gas and oil, and you just need to add them in. It’s little work to add in the oil and gas, and you don’t have to worry about the right proportioning!

  • Sufficient Clearing Range

When purchasing a snowblower, the primary factor to keep in mind is how much of snow it can handle. The Yard Machines snowblower 21 inch unit has a clearing width of 21 inches and clearing height of 13 inches.

According to customers, it can handle more snow than that, but 21 by 13 inches is what is specified by the manufacturer, and it is sufficient for a lot of people. It is ideal for handling 3 to 6 inches of fluffy snow and can throw snow to up to 35 feet.

  • EZ Manual Chute

Many snowblowers on the market come with an automatic chute, and while it is a nice addition, it is not really necessary. On the other hand, manual chutes are also not uncommon, and most people don’t have a problem with them. Yes, in the beginning, it might be inconvenient to reach for the handle instead of simply pressing a button, but you get used to it fairly quickly.

Yard Machine’s unique handle called the EZ Manual Chute makes the process quite painless. It is a big and easy to grip handle that helps to swivel the chute without putting in too much effort. Meanwhile, the manual pitch adjustment helps determine the height of the flow.

  • Portability

Since this compact model only weighs 58 pounds, you can easily transport it from point A to point B. The model also comes with a folding handle that makes it more compact, thus enabling you to travel with it.

The portability of this unit also allows you to make some extra bucks by clearing snow from the front of businesses if you don’t have the means to carry around a large unit. Plus, the model is equipped with 7-inche by 1.5-inche wheels that offer traction in even the toughest weather conditions. The tires also add to the ease with which the unit can be moved to and from the storage shed.

  • Easy to Use

Thanks to its low weight and maneuverability, the Yard Machines snowblower 21 inch model is easy to use. The 123cc OHV engine quickly helps you clear up snow. Moreover, the EZ chute with 180-degree rotation offers precise snow throwing control.

The unit also comes with a 9-inch rubber-edged auger that ensures the pavement is not scraped. The auger-assisted drive system also allows easy operation. At the same time, the auger-assisted drive also allows you to work for longer without tiring you out.

  • Manufacturer’s Guarantee

The unit comes with the industry’s average of two-year limited factory warranty. The warranty protects your investment. The unit also only requires minimal assembly.

Customer Reviews

The Yard Machines snowblower 21 inch model can handle up to one foot of dry and lightweight snow as well as 6 inches of wet and heavy snow. In fact, if you go a little slower and don’t push it too hard, customers say it can handle more.

Since the unit doesn’t have self-propulsion, you are responsible for moving it as you clear snow, but its light weight really helps here. Moreover, as this is a gas-powered machine, it will need maintenance. The unit also misses out on an electric start; however, once you get used to the pull-cord start, there shouldn’t be a problem.

The auger also touches the ground, so you get rid of the snow all the way down to the pavement, but you can’t use the unit for uneven surfaces or gravel driveways. All in all, it is suitable for most homeowners if they experience reasonably light snow.


If you live in an area where you don’t get too much snow, then this 123cc Yard Machines snowblower 21 inch unit is the ideal choice. It helps to clear your pathway or driveway with ease, and the engine provides sufficient power.

The clearing width is enough for light snowfalls. Plus the clog-resistant EZ chutes lets you control where you want to throw the snow. It comes with a 2-year warranty too.

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